The Graduate School is pleased to offer Diversity Travel Recruitments (DTRs) to assist with the cost of bringing potential students to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus for recruiting purposes. These awards are aimed to assist with increasing student diversity in master’s and doctoral degree programs and may be used to help defray travel and lodging expenses; food expenses are not covered by these funds. The current funding level for each diversity travel award is $500/student.

Pre-Authorization Form and Eligibility:

  • Pre-Authorization Form & Travel Expense Worksheetpdf icon
  • Please submit (hardcopy) one pre-authorization form for each student request.
  • DTR funds are reserved for groups that are considered under-represented within the various graduate programs. In order to be eligible to receive funding, individuals must qualify as being in at least one of the three underrepresented categories:
    1. Self-identified Underrepresented Ethnic Groups. The following groups are considered underrepresented in graduate education: African American/Black, Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American, Hispanic/Latinx, and American Indian/Native American.
    2. Women in Science (WIS). This group includes women studying in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and the Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) sciences.
    3. Other (Explanation required on form). This category is reserved for any discipline specific underrepresentation that can be justified regardless of ethnicity/race or WIS status. Programs will be expected to provide a justification statement explaining why an individual should be considered underrepresented in the respective field of study (e.g. men in health sciences) for which the DTR request is being made.

Reimbursement: Before a request can be processed and funds released, the following items must be completed and submitted to The Graduate School

  • Diversity Travel Recruitment Final Expense Formpdf icon
    1. All travel reimbursement paperwork must be submitted as soon as possible following the travel. As per University policy, paperwork submitted more than two (2) weeks after the completed travel will require a justification letter from the academic program for the delay.
    2. Signatures must be provided on all necessary forms where indicted. Omission of signatures will delay the processing of a request.
    3. Consider providing the DTR final expense form to the visiting student in advance of the travel.
  • Receipts
    1. Only original receipts will be accepted for reimbursement.
    2. Please submit each receipt taped onto a clean piece of paper.
    3. Receipts must include traveler information (name), vendor, and confirmation of payment (i.e. credit card charge, PayPal confirmation, bank statement, etc.).
    4. Submit only the receipts necessary for the payment request. We do not need all receipts associated with the student visit; only those being covered by the DTR (i.e., do not submit food receipts).
    5. Acceptable expenses include transportation (air, bus, taxi, train, automobile, etc.) and lodging.
      • Automobile transportation must include mileage documentation from an official site such as MapQuest, Google Maps, etc. Mileage totals must be visible on the submitted documentation.
      • Justification letters are required for multiple legs of a trip involving personal or rented automobiles.
      • Lodging facilities must provide a receipt which includes dates along with the room rate and taxes paid by the traveler.
  • W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificationpdf icon
    1. The W-9 form is required for tax reporting purposes and must include the student name, current or permanent mailing address, social security number, and signature. The address provided on the W-9 form will be where the reimbursement check is sent.
    2. Consider providing the W-9 form to the visiting student in advance of the travel.

Submission of Final Paperwork:

  • Final paperwork includes the Final Travel Expenses Form, appropriate receipts, and the W-9 Taxpayer form.
  • All paperwork should be submitted in hardcopy format to The Graduate School.
  • Please indicate DTR in the lower left corner of the envelope.
  • Campus mail or US post can be used for submission of paperwork; for security purposes do not submit paperwork electronically.

Final Payment:

  • Once all paperwork is submitted for reimbursement, The Graduate School will scan and submit it to the UNC-Chapel Hill accounting office for processing. A check to be issued and mailed directly to the traveler.